Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well, Hello.
Incase anyone was wondering yesterday was basically a repeat of the day before. Though with much more tanning. Which makes me one happy camper. It's quite evident in the pictures below...

But, anyways. Although I'm really enjoying life as a shopping beach bum, it's time to move on to what people might consider bigger and better, San Francisco. Known to me as gay paradise.
The only place on the planet where the following image would be acceptable.

And I am PUMPED. 
Not to mention TODAY yes today is the day we get to see these beautiful people called...
Cy and I are literally freaking out and unfortunately Cyanne made a sign.
Which is going to be humiliating. Especially when she's crying underneath it. 
At this moment she's getting super angry over how people are making fake one direction twitters. 
It's moments like these that I really wonder about the people I hang around...
just kidding I love Cy and all the other noobs I associate with, even if they are a little too cray cray.

Well, I hope there's internet on the train so I can keep you in the loop
Over and Out.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, welcome to my blog. It's going to be a mystical experience that your blessed to have discovered. Right now, I'm sitting in my apartment in Santa Barbara. We've had quite the long day and I thought possibly I would share the highlights typically I will just update you as I go throughout my day but since I decided to start tonight...I will summarize the whole shabang. First I woke up at 5 am and went on a walk to starbucks. Which included screaming/singing homeless people and many more lovely encounters. Never am I going to leave before 8 am again! Then we went to Westmont and I gave Cy the grand tour which included a couple photo stops!

Then we continued on to go shopping on state street and then to the beach.
At the beach Cy and I tried to soak up some rays but were constantly being bothered by the winds blowing sand into our eyes. But, it was still fun and I'm convinced I'm tanner!
After that we went to the pier for dinner where I had a bird decide that it wanted to take a dump a matter of inches away from me. Being a germaphobe.... made this the ultimate test. I held back the tears and screams that almost accompanied the near death experience.
Well, I'm pooped HAH get it?
Most common phrases of the day is "You make me so upset Cyanne", "What would you do without me", and "we look like effin lesbians!"